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Mix Container Solution


You want to buy various products, however there is none separate product could fillfull a whole container, how to do?


You arrange the shipment and buy various products yourself from different producers, you find the process is too complicated, how to do?


You can not control the quality and packing of various products and there is no a figure report when loading, how to do?


RP provide Mix container solution. We have various refined products with RP Qualified, we have plant and warehouse near the China Main port, we control the quality, packing, palletizing, container loading. We provide the loading report which showing the status of your goods including amounts of photos of packing, palletizing, container loading.


Mix Container service enable us more flexible and professional.


On time delivery


We promise to delivery the goods within 15days from the order or advanced payment established. We will keep you posted about every step.


Professional products engineer


We have full technical datas, including TDS, Specification, COA, MSDS and other Technical documents, we could meet your Technical requirements for various products.



Professional Shipping Line


We have years cooperation with MSC, Maersk, CMA and other authoritative shipping company. We could provide various shipping lines for your decision. 



Documents support


We could provide various documents for different requirements, including Invoice, Packing List, COA, Insurance, Form A/E, Export Declaration, Certificate of Origin, Health Certificate and others.



After-sale service


We will act quickly while there is any problem after shipment, and try our best to solve it.

Totally above service makes us a leader professional exporter and supplier in China. We expect your coming!