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Sodium Diacetate

Sodium Diacetate
Product name : Sodium Diacetate
Item : 30
Details :
Product Description

Product Name: Sodium diacetate
CAS#: 126-96-5
Synonym: Sodium Hydrogen diacetate; SDA; Vita-crop
Chemical Formula: C4H7O4Na+xH2O
Physical and chemical properties:
White crystal hygroscopic powder; Easily soluable in cold water, hot water. Partially soluble in diethyl ether; Innocuity; Having odor of acetic acid

Sodium diacetate is a new type of mildew preventive and antiseptic agent with high efficiency, safety, nutrient and nontoxicity, Moreover it is cheap in price, small dosage in use, And can be used as preservatives for various kinds of bread & cakes, jams and beverages, pickles, seasonings, meat products, candies, and bean products